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About Me


My name is Regina and I’ve discovered that you CAN get to an empowered place where you feel grounded and centered no matter what’s happening in your environment.  Your thoughts impact your emotions and your body's energetic field.  It's important to become conscious about what you’re thinking in order to shape how you experience life. 


When I was in grad school working on a degree in Cultural Psychology, I learned about how our minds are programmed.  Imbalances can start with a misguided thought, often stemming from unresolved trauma, that accumulates to become “who you are” with your aches, pains, habits and ways of being. 


Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to developing methods and practices that assist my clients to get back into balance in all areas of life.  I will guide you so that you can become empowered to actively shape yourself and your life.

"Joy is the most magnetic force in the universe"

Danielle La Porte

My Sessions

Sending Beautiful Healing Light across distance  - female hands cupped around a bright bur
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Energy Healing Session

I utilize different energy healing techniques that move and circulate subtle energy in a way that has a positive impact on your mind, body and spiritual aspects of yourself (including your electromagnetic field and chakras).  I'm trained to clear, charge and balance a client's energetic field to support physical, emotional and metal wellbeing. 

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6 Session Healing Plan

I combine energy healing with holistic health coaching for those who want to explore more ways to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health.  We assess different aspects of your life that impact your overall health and wellbeing to support you in coming up with a plan for creating balance and harmony in the areas that need it.  

6 Month Healing Plan

We work together for 6 months with twice monthly sessions to delve deeply into improving your overall wellbeing using holistic health coaching and energy healing techniques.  I guide and support you in implementing lifestyle changes to improve your physical health and general wellness.    

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Alex G. 

Regina truly has angelic hands. She performed a Chakra healing session on me and it was absolutely magical. I came in on probably one of the most stressful days I have had in weeks, the tension in my head was immense, and the energy healing that Regina performed on my feet actually ended up relieving the tension in my head. By the time she got to my head there was very little tension left, which meant the healing/moving of energy Regina did in the rest of my body really served me and allowed my body to get back to normal. I learned a lot about my own body during this session, I noticed and felt where I held the most tension. I came into this healing session in so much physical pain and left feeling like myself again, the tingling in my body had disappeared. 

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Colorful hot-air balloons flying over the mountain.jpg
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