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My Story

Regina began her training in energy healing and integrative nutrition in 2019.  She is certified as a LifeForce Energy Healing® Master Graduate from the Deborah King Center and as a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Regina holds a doctorate in Cultural Psychology and a master’s degree in Education and uses the awareness, knowledge and skills gained from her education to inform her healing work.   


Her desire to understand others in order to help them live healthier, happier lives began in college with her studies in Psychology.  Her curiosity about human behavior combined with a desire to make a difference with disadvantaged individuals led to social work in her 20’s.  She worked with mentally ill veterans, immigrant families and teenage girls on probation. 


Regina’s interest in spirituality started while studying abroad in Asia during college.  She learned to meditate at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand; a profound experience that was followed years later with Vipassana meditation, Vedic mantra studies and energy healing.  Once she discovered energy healing, she began to realize the importance of clearing stagnant emotions and energy that could show up as illness down the road.  She would later experience how not fully processing her own emotions from the past would impact her health.  


Regina was diagnosed with a precancerous breast tumor in 2018 and her doctor recommended surgery to remove it.  She was able to avoid surgery and heal herself through a combination of natural methods including energy healing, nutrition and meditation as she addressed some emotional issues, stress and unresolved trauma.  Now she is passionate about using her experiences with healing herself to help empower others who are going through their own healing journey. 

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My Approach

I can help you release the weight on your heart (the emotional energy center where your physical heart resides) so that you can return to the innocence of your authentic self.  The hot air balloon in my logo symbolizes the release of the weight on your heart (with the sandbags on the side of the hot air balloon basket) in order to ascend and see from a higher perspective (the highest, most authentic part of yourself). 


Are you feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, needy, spaced out or just plain blah?

Are you prone to health issues like feeling cold, dry, sluggish or getting headaches?

Maybe you’re feeling depleted from over giving, or drained from people-pleasing?


Each one of us has our own balanced center, and life is continuously throwing us curve balls.  This can cause us to feel victimized, or experience gut issues, or lose sleep at night.  It can even cause disharmony in our relationships.


When we experience this continuously without resolve or release, it can accumulate, putting a chronic weight on our heart and can even result in serious illness.  Each time we are thrown out of balance, it is an invitation for healing and self-care. 


A significant part of my training was in how to do energy healing work from a distance.  I can facilitate your healing while I am in Illinois and you are at home wherever that is in the world.  We are all connected and have the potential to connect consciously to others on an energetic level.  As I work with someone from a distance by intending to bring their energetic field to my location, I communicate with their body in such a way that it begins to heal itself. 


During an energy healing session, I begin by sensing the areas of a client's energy field and body that are out of alignment by checking their chakras (major energy centers).  I use my conscious awareness to channel energy to specific parts of the client’s body and energetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates their body to clear, charge and balance these areas.  


I use a combination of energy healing and holistic health coaching for those who want to delve a little deeper into improving their physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Together, we'll assess different aspects of your life that impact your overall health and wellbeing and develop a plan for creating balance and harmony in the areas that need it.  It’s much easier to reach your goals with support and accountability. 

Let's explore how I can guide you to really clear the weight on your heart, connect with what makes you happy, and experience the desires of your authentic self.

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